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Booknerds aims to bring to you the best content from the world of books through book recommendations, book club events, podcasts, live sessions and so much more! What started as a passion project by avid readers and husband and wife duo Rohan and Neha Raj in the quaint town of Dehradun, India has now grown into a movement that connects bookworms across the globe into a close community that celebrates literature across languages and genres. Our mission is to spread the love for reading!


To connect book lovers across the globe and brings the best content from the world of books through their book recommendation videos, book club events, podcast, live sessions and so much more.


To bring books and reading at the forefront of entertainment and create a distinct book lover's community.

Our Teamwho's running the show

A bunch of book crazies form the core team at Booknerds

Rohan Raj

Rohan Raj

Co-founder, Booknerds

Rohan is obsessed with books,book shelves and book hoarding.When he is not reading or playing with his two toddlers he is found on Clubhouse in book discussion or cricket rooms.

Neha Raj

Neha Raj


Neha is usually found scouring social media for the best books and authors across the globe when she is not arranging bookshelves or sipping masala chai at quaint cafes.

Booknerds is a literary startup based out of Dehradun, India founded by husband-wife bibliophile duo Rohan and Neha Raj with the vision to connect book lovers and authors in India and beyond. What started as a small book lover's community in the quaint town of Dehradun, India in the foothills of the Himalayas has now grown into a movement that is connecting book lovers across India.

Rohan has a penchant for technology and books while Neha is a stickler for aesthetics and organisation. Rohan and Neha being from technical backgrounds bring the innovative mindset which has been missing from the publishing landscape. When they are not devouring books or working at their office cum library they can be found playing with their kids or searching the next cool cafe in town for the upcoming book club sessions!

What We Do Services We Offer

Book Videos

We create videos related to books, authors, literary news, and the latest trends from the world of books. These videos are well researched and are turning out to be the best that the industry has to offer.

Booknerds Podcast

We host author interviews, live sessions, and podcasts featuring the author and their works by talking at length about the related topics.

Book Launches

Our carefully curated book launches have always been a delight for book lovers.

Book Promotion

Over the years authors have benefitted immensely from our customized book promotion services/plans/campaigns.