Book Review: The Sonata of Secrets by Indrani Talukdar

18th October 2021
Booknerds Editorial Team

Rare is the ability to combine two contrasting elements in such a way that they complement each other and also manage to deliver a striking story in doing so. Indrani Talukdar seems to have accomplished this in her novel, The Sonata of Secrets.
Set against the beautiful backdrop of a small serene Indian town, the story combines the elements of music and mystery in a striking manner. A young music professor, Rose, finds her town in chaos after the discovery of a burnt body in the adjacent woods. This chaos seeps into her sister and her personal life when attacks and break-ins start happening around their house, indicating some obscure connection to the crime that they are yet to understand. When a new corpse shows up in the same place, and a trusted teacher drops them a hint through their old musical notes, Rose is determined to get to the bottom of this conspiracy.
Told smartly through profound descriptions and a rich vocabulary, the book is a fast-paced thriller. The musical part of the book is sure to appeal to readers who enjoy classical piano and artists like Mozart, with quotes such as, "You need to look at the piece of music from your lenses without getting into the mind of the composer. That's true music," tuning into our spirits. While the book is rich in detail and atmosphere, it lacks in character development and seems to suffer regular breaks in writing. However, the overall impact is that of an enchanting musical mystery!

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