Book Review: Gods, Giants and the Geography of India by Nalini Ramachandran

22nd November 2021
Booknerds Team

Gods, Giants and the Geography of India: An Essential Guide to the Myths, Legends and Science Around India's Geography by Nalini Ramachandran contains an essence of innumerable short stories, folk tales and descriptions of various mythological creatures, we’ve been hearing of since childhood. It also encapsulates the different geographical places of India in an interesting manner. The mundane core of learning about geographical places has been very successfully, made interesting by the author. Reading this work is an unforgettable experience and it remains in the minds of the readers long after finishing the book. The simple language with explanations, jotting down the facts, makes it utterly relatable and easy to comprehend. Bringing together two different fields, different subjects and presenting them in such a capable manner that too with absolute transparency in the usage of the words, is something which makes this book an interesting pickup!

From stories of Shiva in the mountains of Kailash to fascinating incarnations of Vishnu saving the earth, from Brahma sitting peacefully in his luxuries to bringing up the beauty of the god of four seasons, it has all been woven intriguingly for the readers in a way that fills us with wonder about the existence of such divine beings in the past. Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and many other regions come inside the circumference of this mixture. There is a discourse on every engaging incident, including ancient kings and their kingdoms, frightening monsters and divine avatars and how surprisingly all their narratives bring together the relatability of the existing places to life. The fact that every region has a glorifying past, to be admired by the world till today, with strong roots fixed confidently in the ground so far, that an irrevocable sense of undeniable conjecture hovers around the brain all the time.

The perfect use of simply comprehensible vocabulary brings out the beauty of imagining scenes in front of our eyes even more. The language has been designed keeping in mind the psyche of children specifically, so that little ones don’t miss out on its chunks of folk tales even for once. Some illustrations settled in suitable parts of some pages make sure to not let brains move away from the track of amazement while leafing through this world of geomythology.
In a nutshell, it is a book which can be placed in the hands of children to read at least once without any doubt and who knows when and why the concoction of some interesting subject starts living in those fresh minds of the young ones?