Book Review: Commemorating India - Russia Friendship by Achala Moulik

25th October 2021
Booknerds Team

‘Commemorating India-Russia Relationship’ by Achala Moulik is a celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the Treaty that was signed between India and Russia in 1971. Going by the name of the book, readers may feel that this book is dedicated to the mentioned treaty but to my delight, the author has beautifully woven historical events, complexities of relations,  cooperation amongst officials and natives and political framework of the countries into the fabric of the book. Apart from talking about their cross-border relations, it also speaks about themes of cooperation, peace, equality and support for each other. This book perfectly explains the reasons that led to the formulation of the Treaty and how the two nations have abided by it.

This book also highlights the Indian struggles and how Russia helped India and its citizens while proving that co-existence amongst nations is the only way out for a more peaceful world. While stating all the historical facts and putting out the details in a meticulous way, it further points at the possibility of a better future if India and Russia lead by the principles of the Treaty. It states the current political scenario and makes subtle assumptions about the future. Not only rules and treaties but this book also brings into light, men that were instrumental in bringing about changes and the ecosystems that helped nations thrive and survive. It caters to turmoil, hardships, cooperation, liberty, renaissance, and also successes that nations have faced and still face while matching their footsteps. In total, this is an amalgamation of all the things that anyone would want while looking for books that relate to international cooperation and historical facts. For all history aficionados, this book is a must-read!

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