Women Writers Huddle

8th March 2022
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Women Writers Huddle

Join us on Clubhouse to celebrate International Women’s Day with some awesome women authors featuring Abhyudita Gautam Singha, Sonia Sahijwani and Vandana Jena on March 8th at 7 pm (IST).

Click here to listen to the replay of the session. 

About the Authors 
Abhyudita Gautam Singha has been  working as an Associate Professor of English in the Department of Higher Education of Himachal Pradesh since 2006 and has served in the various colleges of the state from GC Bilaspur, RKMV Shimla, GC Jukhala , GC Dharamshala and is presently posted in GC NagrotaBagwan. She has taught graduate and post-graduate classes of English Literature.She has attained her master’s degree in English from Panjab University and is pursuing her research on the stories of SR Harnot. She has a publication of an anthology of short stories and poems titled Submerged and Rehabilitated and A Town Under the to her credit. She has been actively participating in the seminars and conferences and has presented many papers on various themes and subjects. Her research papers and articles have also found a place in journals and books. She has been invited to participate in online poetry symposium, conduct talks and present her stories by the Himachal Pradesh Art, Culture and Language Academy, Shoolini University, English Teachers Forum and Tell-Tale Tuesdays Facebook pages and YouTube channels.

The first book is dedicated to the people of the hills who are living a conventional life but have also blended with the contemporary ways. Hailing from the town of Bilaspur that was submerged in the waters of the Bhakra Dam, Abhyudita has dedicated a story and poem to the theme of loss and longing of the older generation that saw the town drown and settled in the new town right above.She has presented her poems and stories on various platforms including the Himachal Pradesh Language Art and  Culture Academy. Her second book A Town Under the Lake has also been published recently which is a comprehensively captures the past and the present day hues of her hometown that was submerged and rehabilitated.

Vandana Kumari Jena is an officer of the 1979 batch of the Indian Administrative Service of the Odisha cadre. She writes middles, novels, short stories and poetry. Her short stories have been published in over fifteen anthologies. Her first novel ‘The Dance of Death’ was published in 2008. Her collection of short stories entitled ‘The Incubation Chamber’ was published in 2014. She is married with two sons. She lives in New Delhi.

Sonia Sahijwani is the author of 3 successful books namely Yours Legally (2019), Baby on Board( 2019) and Aapki Siya LLb (2020-hindi). Juggling the roles of a full time employee, a mother, a homemaker and author of several books, writing being her passion, becoming an author was her childhood dream. Her books and various online sessions/interviews, etc are motivating employees/students particularly women employees to balance work and personal life, to pursue their dreams and passions and to give 100% to their job as well.
Her books and feats have been featured in various literary festivals and won her several accolades and feats.

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