Booknerds Podcast with Sheetal Durve

16th November 2021

Celebrating Children's Day with author and artist Sheetal Durve

About the Author
Sheetal Durve is an artist and author born in Pune, India. Doing aerial silk, reading, climbing are some of her hobbies. Having degrees in both Psychology and Art, she has successfully drawn children to her first book Dream Diaries, with the fantasy stories and colourful illustrations.

Dream Diaries was well received all over the world and made its way twice to the Emirates Literature Festival. She currently resides in Dubai with her husband, two children and a great collection of books.

If you want to know when Sheetal's next book will come out, visit her website here.

About the Books
Dream On is a great conversation starter for teens, during their transitional phase of growth and development between childhood and adulthood. I love the illustrations. The author Sheetal Durve presents beautiful drawings that connects to all audiences. Her story brings forth harmony, choices, friendship, love and hope.

Readers build a strong feeling with the characters on why things happen and their connections. Sheetal delivers distinct parts in her story as she puts situational events into pieces then correlates them together. This story is magical from beginning to end. This extraordinary book guides the reader to explore ideas, questions and learn the wisdom of life and to love the simplicity of things.

Dream Diaries is a collection of three fun, creative, heartwarming stories, ideal for children from 4-8 years old, in full colour. Ideal for child who is a reluctant reader. The stories will catch a childs interest and keep him/her glued.

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