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19th November 2021

The Coward And The Sword | Jugal Hansraj | Facebook Live

About the Book
The Kingdom of Kofu is ruled by the brave king Rissho. Its people are courageous and skilled in war. With one exception. Prince Kadis, the sixteen-year-old heir to the kingdom. He is not brave. He is not courageous. He is not skilled in war. Kadis knows in his heart that he does not fit in. That he is different. That he is a coward.
Until one day, a seemingly chance encounter changes his life completely. Armed with the mystical sword of Kofu, the timid prince and his two young friends, embark on an epic trip to bring peace to the warring kingdoms of Kofu and Molonga.
Will the young prince overcome his fears and will peace win against war? Will Prince Kadis discover that a sword doesn't make you brave, your heart does ...
Publisher: HarperCollins Children’s Books India

About the Author
Jugal Hansraj is a film actor, writer and National Award-winning film director, originally from Mumbai, India. He began working in films first as a child actor – Masoom (1983) being the most notable. He thenwent on to become a lead actor in films like Papa Kahte Hain (1996) and Mohabbattein (2000) among others. In 2006 he turned writer-director and made the animation film Roadside Romeo (2008) and in 2010 he directed the feature film Pyaar Impossible! He's still seen on screen as an actor at regular intervals. His first book as author, Cross Connection– The Big Circus Adventure, was published in 2017. The Coward & TheSword is his second novel. He is currently based in New York.

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