Booknerds Podcast with Naveen Valsakumar

24th February 2021

Booknerds Podcast: The Art of Self Publishing feat. Naveen Valsakumar

We discussed the story of India's premium self-publishing platform, Notion Press, the need for self-publishing and may other questions which aspiring writers want answered!

About the Guest
Naveen Valsakumar is the Co-Founder & CEO, Notion Press Publishing. Naveen calls himself a humour monger. He talks in witty one-liners, uses the word “awesome” too many times and dreams with his eyes wide open. This can of Redbull is the high energy drive every start-up needs. With a passion for technology, superlative people skills and the gift of the gab, Naveen reigns over business operations, marketing and sales at Notion Press.

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