Quantification of Food | Jitendra Chouksey

3rd August 2022

Booknerds Podcast | Lose Fat , Get Fittr | Jitendra Chouksey

We spoke with fitness entrepreneur and author Jitendra Chouksey about his debut book, his FITTR jouney and so much more.

About the Book
Have you been struggling to stay fit your entire life? Tried every fad diet, supplement and health tip, only to lose both money and sanity? Tired of fitness lies and quick fixes and want a solution that actually works? Then, this book is for you!
There are three types of people: First, those who stay fit and healthy; second, those who want to but have realized it’s easier said than done; and third, those who eat all they want, for you live only once. This book is for people across all these categories.

About the Author
Jitendra Chouksey (better known as JC) is the winner of the Businessworld Young Entrepreneur Award 2020 and a first-generation fitness entrepreneur. He took a simple idea of helping his friends get fit over WhatsApp and turned it into a 100-million-dollar enterprise. Today, Fittr has trained and transformed more than 2,00,000 people from around the globe, provided livelihood to hundreds of people and, most importantly, has democratized fitness. With a community spanning over 104 countries and 2 million people, Fittr is one of the hottest Indian startups backed by the likes of Sequoia Capital and Suniel Shetty. JC’s vision for the community stemmed from his own childhood fears as an obese kid who came from a humble background. He lives in Pune with his wife and daughter.

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